Amigos Mexican Food

Amigos Mexican Food


It was a scramble squeezing in a burrito run during an early lunch break on a hot summer day in Denver. The Pants and I were greatly disappointed that the next place on our list was closed for a holiday. It was a last minute Hail Mary with only minutes to spare till we had to be back at work, but we found our way to Amigos Mexican Food in Centennial which delivered a smothered, wrapped, little donkey. 


Nothing fancy (or too Francie Pantsy). But intact. Wish it were steamed or warmed ahead of time.

Rating: 6/10


The meat was beautifully folded into the hashed potatoes with green chili all mixed up in the tumble as well. Overall a somewhat monotonous texture.

Rating: 7/10


This was the KICKER. Something about the eggs was off. It was a decent bite when you bit into the eggs mixed with all the cheese and tortilla and sour cream and green chili; however, when tasted alone, the eggs were awfully sulfuric and off-putting.  Won’t speculate as to why, but something was off.

Rating: 4/10

(Tasteful) Use of Potatoes

As noted previously, potatoes were tender and folded into the rest of the contents nicely. Could have had some crispy outsides or some browned edges… but tasteful? Yes!

Rating: 7/10



As a whole this worked as a BB, but the flavor of the contents was fouled by the off-putting taste of the eggs. As an amateur BB-roller myself I speculate fresher eggs would help (but who am I?). Look forward to re-trying this BB and at least the chips and salsa were free.

Overall Score = 24/40