Asada Rico

Asada Rico


Down on 16th St, in Denver CO, lies a small little food cart that recently got voted the #1 breakfast burrito in Denver by the Denver Post. Needless to say, we here at Burritista, had to find out if the burrito could live up to the title.


This tortilla let me down for supposedly being the number one breakfast burrito in Denver. It was very soft and soggy, it didn’t really elevate the flavors of the burrito and when it was opened it was leaking. Apart from those issues the tortilla worked as it was supposed too. 

Rating: 5/10


Within the burrito lay some delicious cheese, that mixed perfectly with the rest of the ingredients the eggs and chorizo to provide a fantastic texture within the burrito. The downside of the was the overcooked potatoes. They definitely put a damper on the textures within the burrito. The green chili that was inside the burrito was an excellent addition and provided excellent texture to the burrito.

Rating: 9/10


The cheese was absolutely delicious and added to the flavor in an amazing way. To complement the cheese, the green chili added a nice heat to the burrito as well as a good change of pace to the flavors in the burrito. The chorizo and eggs were excellent as well but did not provide anything new or unique flavor wise. 

Rating: 9/10

Use of Potatoes

As I said earlier, the potatoes were overcooked and way too soft and soggy. Not only did they have poorly cooked but there were way too many of them. I felt like they were being used to cut costs and didn’t provide anything of value to the burrito

Rating: 4/10



Asado Rico definitely has a tasty burrito. The best in Denver? I don’t think so. The flavors and texture were both very good but Asado Rico lost points on their use of potatoes and tortilla. If you are in the downtown area it is worth stopping by.

Overall Score = 27/40