Black Bear Cafe (WY)

Black Bear Cafe (WY)

Brotha – 5/13/17

In the quaint town of Thermopolis, Wyoming amongst the numerous saloons and horses tied up in the streets lies Black Bear Cafe. This is a go-to breakfast spot for locals which specializes in western-style breakfast foods including chicken fried steak and biscuits & gravy. As I walked into this cafe, leaving the sulfur-y smells of the nearby hot-springs outside I was delighted to find on the specials board, the “Big Breakfast Burrito.” At that point, I had no choice but to order this BB with a nice green chili (GC) smother.


A little dry and didn’t appear to be steamed or warmed prior to wrapping. No rips, tears or breaches. Interestingly, the ends were left unfolded which made it seem like a gigantic breakfast enchilada.

Rating: 5/10


Eggs were the major player and carried the team with their fluffiness. Occasional bites of chewy bacon. Fresh jalapeno slices served on the side added a ‘crunch’ when desired

Rating: 6/10


Overall mild heat that could be ramped up with fresh jalapeno slices when desired. Nothing flashy, just the classic, delicious dichotomy of bacon and eggs.

Rating: 7/10

Use of Potatoes

Potatoes were served as ‘home fries’ on the side which is a classic move. Unfortunately, these were relatively large chunks of potatoes which were cooked through but didn’t have a crunchy ‘edge’ to them. I ended up just neglecting the potatoes altogether.

Rating: 6/10


Solid smother with good roasty flavor and big chunks of tender pork. This really made the burrito.

Rating: +


An unconventional, albeit satisfying BB that lives up to its name, “Big Breakfast Burrito.”

Overall Score = 24/40 +