Breakfast on Broadway

Breakfast on Broadway


This is a quaint this breakfast joint located in Englewood Colorado. Along with a good selection of breakfast items to chose from they are home to a fabulous breakfast burrito. The burrito comes with several choices for a meat filling. You can choose from ham, carnitas, sausage or bacon. For this review we chose the carnitas. On the side we had a helping of the delicious Jalapeno bacon (we love bacon too), a coffee, and a decadent bloody mary. If your’re in the Denver area it is worth checking out this little joint and grabbing a breakfast burrito!


The tortilla on their burrito was done very well. It held together well and didn’t cover up any of the flavors. To top that off, it was a Jalapeno cheddar cheese tortilla. This was an unexpected surprise that we have never seen on a burrito and it went together with the ingredients very nicely. It held together well, it tasted excellent, and it added to the flavor of the burrito. The only thing we would do to make this tortilla better is have it toasted a little to add some more texture to it.

Rating: 9/10


The ingredients of the burrito worked together very well but we have to say that we were not a fan of the potatoes. They seemed to be too frequent throughout and took too much space in the burrito. While the potatoes were not chunky, they seemed to be some sort of a hash but they were not crispy. We would have to say that the potatoes were the limiting factor in the texture. There was a good portion of eggs and meet and they flowed together well and added to the breakfast burrito experience.

Rating: 6/10


Overall, we really liked the burrito. The carnitas were amazing and tortilla really added to all the flavors present in the burrito. We would like to see some more ingredients inside the burrito to add to the flavors and texture. But, overall, we really enjoyed this burrito.

Rating: 8/10

Use of Potatoes

Like I previously said, Breakfast on Broadway did not have a good use of potatoes. It felt like they were thrown in there as an after thought as a filler. The potatoes were too soft and took up too much flavor for our liking. With crispier potatoes and having them be less frequent throughout the burrito this could be an out of this world burrito.

Rating: 5/10


This burrito comes smothered by default and it really contributes to the burrito. We are huge fans of port green chili and this really does justice to it and really adds to the burrito. Even though it comes by default we will still judge this as an optional side and it really does add to the burrito and we believe it really does bring up the overall score of the burrito.

Rating: +


The flavors present in the Burrito were very good but the use of potatoes really held the overall score back. The green chili really brought the burrito forward and made it special.

Overall Score = 28/40 +