Burrito del Mar

Burrito del Mar


Burrito del Mar is a company based out of Boulder Colorado. They hand make all of their burritos and they certainly know how to do it. While the burritos are grocery store bought they definitely fulfill the BB craving you’ve been having if you need something in a pinch. It’s worth noting the only place I’ve seen these for sale is at Whole Foods and I tend to stock up on them if I believe I will need some quick breakfasts in the near future. Burrito del Mar has several different burritos but I will be rating their Spicy Green Chile Breakfast Burrito. Now, on to the rating system!


The tortilla on the Spicy Green Chile Breakfast Burrito is nothing too fancy. It does what it needs to do but I think it could use an upgrade. It seems to break at some edges when you heat it up having said this, it really isn’t that bad just something to take note of. The tortilla is a standard flour tortilla. It doesn’t feel like a lot of thought went into it and they just needed to make a decision quickly. Despite all of this the tortilla together and adds flavor to the burrito. We are hoping there will be improvements to the tortilla in the near future but for now, it does what it needs to do.

Rating: 5/10


Now we can delve into the inside of the burrito. I don’t know how they do it but the texture of this burrito is amazing. The green chiles really to the experience in both flavor and texture. If the burrito is heated well, the cheese will be at the perfect consistency which only adds to the flavors and texture of the burrito. I will go into this more, but the thing that is really holding this back is the potatoes. You can read about this in the Use of Potatoes section below. Overall I like the texture of this burrito but I believe it could be made better.

Rating: 6/10


The flavor of this burrito is one of the best I have ever had from a pre-made store bought breakfast burrito. The way the cheese is melted and the green chiles are used is very tasteful and are a huge asset to the burrito. I have to say that every time I eat one I wonder how much better it could be if they were to reevaluate their use of potatoes. The potatoes are a significant knock on the burrito as a whole.

Rating: 7/10

Use of Potatoes

As I mentioned in the previous section, the potatoes are what is the texture and to an extend the flavor back. Personally, I find that they use too many potatoes and to go with that, they are quite large. It almost feels like they are using them save on costs as an extra filler. My personal belief is that they should take out half of the potatoes they use and substitute them with egg and you would have a great use of potatoes. As it stands there are too many and they don’t add a whole lot to the burrito. I strongly believe that if they were to step back and reevaluate their use of potatoes, their burrito would jump up several notches on the scale.

Rating: 3/10



As a whole, this burrito is the best pre-made burrito we have ever had. If you are in a bind and need a burrito this is a fantastic option to pull out of the fridge and eat on the run.


Overall Score = 21/40