Downpours Coffee

Downpours Coffee


Upon reading the Top of the Town Breakfast Burrito selection, the staff of Burritista decided to see if 5280 had their heads on right. What we discovered was a hidden gem worthy of review. Let’s see how it stacked up!


Downpours Coffee had a very unique tortilla that we absolutely loved! Once the burrito was assembled, it was placed into a Panini maker and pressed firmly. This yielded a very crispy and delicious tortilla. Surprisingly, even with the Panini press, there were no premature breaches in the burrito. This is one of the best Tortillas we’ve had!

Rating: 9/10


Everything was thoroughly mixed and combined. Along with this, everything was cut to the perfect size and nothing took up too much space. Downpours did a fantastic job of making sure that nothing took up too much space and every bite had all the flavors combined.

Rating: 9/10


The Burritos at Downpours are normally vegetarian but you can opt in for bacon. The bacon was cut to the perfect size and ever piece was perfectly crispy. This gave the Burrito a delicious flavor and a nice little crunch that wasn’t too over powering. With the added Green Chili the Burrito really came alive!

Rating: 8/10

Use of Potatoes

As I mentioned in the Textures Section, everything was cut to a perfect size. This meant that the potatoes never stole the show or acted as filler. The little pieces were spread throughout perfectly and added to the overall experience of the Burrito and never tried to steal the show.

Rating: 8/10


The Green Chili Smother was fantastic. It was a more traditional Tomatillo based smother without too much acidity or tartness. If you are at Downpours and want to try the Burrito I definitely recommend the Smother.

Rating: +


Downpours has a fantastic Breakfast Burrito that is worth trying out! The flavors and smother are a fantastic way to start your morning with a nice cup of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee!

Overall Score = 34/40+