Hoja Denver

Hoja Denver


While we were stuck in quarantine we decided the people of Denver still needed to be updated on where they need to be going. Hoja is a little gem that is tucked away on South Pearl Street. Hoja only serves high quality ingredients which makes your breakfast burrito even better! We decided to try their Farmers Burrito to see what Hoja was about.


Soft and warm, with a slight crispness to it. The tortilla started the Breakfast Burrito with a fantastic impression. It added flavors to this breakfast burrito that left the mouth watering and wanting more.

Rating: 10/10


This has to be on of the most unique breakfast burritos we have tried to date. We really can’t describe it any better than their menu does “Happy scrambled eggs (or organic tofu scramble), green chile, hash browns, cucumbers, slaw, fresh jalapenos, tahini, kochu, sunflower seeds and pepitas“. Every bite was an adventure and all of these ingredients made for a spectacular burrito with crunch in all the right places.

Rating: 10/10


The texture and ingredients played a big roll here. While unique, every bite was refreshing and delicious. The seeds and slaw played nicely together with the tortilla and sauces. There was just the right amount of spice while still keeping the Jalapeno flavors. The only way to say it is that every bite is like a taste of spring.

Rating: 10/10

Use of Potatoes

We have to say, hash browns in a breakfast burrito are always a good call. Not too adventurous, but certainly delicious. They use just the right amount of potatoes to make this burrito come to life!

Rating: 9/10


(Delicious and unique. One has to try this breakfast burrito to really get an understanding of what we are talking about here.

Rating: +


Try this breakfast burrito, you won’t be sad you did. Every bite is a delicious adventure that we cannot do justice to through words.

Overall Score = 39/40 +