Illegal Pete’s

Illegal Pete’s


Illegal Pete’s is a popular chain burrito joint that started in Boulder Colorado that has since spread to other areas of Colorado. It is known for its tasty burritos and late night drinks in the DU area. Illegal Pete’s makes for an easy burrito in the mornings so lets see how it did!


The tortilla was a standard flour tortilla. The tortilla was slightly warm and very malleable. The burrito was tightly wrapped and there were no premature breaches to the tortilla. Because it was a standard burrito the tortilla didn’t provide anything new, unique or significant in the way of flavor. 

Rating: 6/10


The I love the cafeteria style way of making your burrito I think it’s fantastic that you can do this at Illegal Pete’s. When they are done putting the ingredients you want into the burrito, they use a spoon to mix it up. This makes for a fantastic texture inside the breakfast burrito. Everything is mixed well and the flavors all blend very well.

Rating: 9/10


By being able to pick your ingredients, the flavors of each burrito are customizable and unique to the ingredients you choose. The chorizo was very salty but I tend to enjoy that. That being said, the ingredients you can put into the burrito all play very well on the palate. The potatoes dragged the flavors down though. 

Rating: 8/10

Use of Potatoes

Although you can opt out of the potatoes experience at Illegal Pete’s, I believed it was important to include them in the review. I found them to be soggy, soft and of no real value to the burrito. If done correctly they could really add value to the experience. With that said, they use them in a good quantity. 

Rating: 4/10



Tasty, quick and customizable, Illegal Pete’s offers a good option to the start of any business day when you need a quick burrito fix.

Overall Score = 27/40