Alex – 5/15/17

Francy and Bryce update – 12/13/20


We visited Jelly at the DU location on Mothers day for yet another tasty burrito review. We suffer through it so you can stay informed about the the types of burritos you put in yourself (there really isn’t any suffering). We have been here several times over the years but never in an official capacity as Breakfast Burrito reviewers! The contents of the burrito at Jelly are Pulled pork, scrambled eggs, potato, chorizo smothered in pork green chili, topped with cheddar, pico de gallo and sour cream. Sounds decadent! Let’s review this puppy!


To start off with, it was very noticeable that the tortilla had a little love put into it. It had been toasted to the perfect point of crispiness and flexibility. This is where we truly love to see our Breakfast Burritos tortillas. It adds the the texture and flavor and we really don’t see enough of it used by restaurants. Truly a fantastic tortilla!

Rating: 10/10


The eggs were fluffy and the potatoes soft, which was a wonderful experience. The pulled pork and chorizo played together nicely and everything was mixed well. The texture of the burrito was one of the best we’ve seen out there. 

Rating: 9/10


With how the burrito was put together and all the flavors present this really is one of our favorites right now. The flavors played together really well and the texture was impeccable. We had to give this burrito a great score for the love that was put into it. 

Rating: 9/10

Use of Potatoes

When we first cut into this puppy, we were a little nervous about the large chunks of potatoes we saw. After taking our first bite we realized we made a judgement error. There were not too many potatoes and they were soft and seasoned well to fit the flavor and texture of the burrito. Jelly truly shows us how chucks of potatoes can be used correctly in a burrito. They didn’t over saturate it with the potatoes and they kept the flavors balanced and seasoned well.

Rating: 9/10


We have to say… We loved this green chili smother! It was filled with flavor and had a plethora of pulled pork in it. You really have to visit Jelly to get an understanding of why we loved this green chili!

Rating: +


This is truly an amazing burrito and we can’t recommend stopping by enough! The flavors play together very well and you can tell love was rolled into this puppy.Take some time and enjoy a tasty burrito!

Overall Score = 37/40 +