Main Street Coffee House

Main Street Coffee House


The Main Street Coffee House is a little coffee shop located in Rangely Colorado. Since Alex is located there temporarily during the week he decided to spend a weekend and explore what this little town has to offer for Breakfast Burritos. This little shop is located on the main road and a quaint little feel to it and serve a good variety of options for breakfast. With that said we want see what they can offer for Breakfast Burritos. The one thing we really enjoyed about the Main Street Coffee House was that their breakfast burritos are incredibly customizable. For our reviewed we settle on a smothered Breakfast Burrito with Colby Jack, Chorizo, Green Chilis, Jalapenos, and Onions. Below you can see their menu options.


The tortilla on their breakfast burrito is just a standard flour tortilla that can be picked up at any grocery store. Not a lot of thought went into the selection of the tortilla and how it went into the breakfast burrito. With that said it did the job. It held the burrito together and didn’t fall apart.

Rating: 5/10


The texture of this burrito was excellent. Everything was blended together very well and the flavors meshed together well. The proportions of the ingredients was done very tastefully and nothing was too overpowering and the flavors played together well. Overall, I was very happy with the texture of this burrito, it was put together very well and they put the right ingredients in it with the right proportions.

Rating: 7/10


For our burrito, with its specific ingredients, the flavor was fantastic. The mix of the flavors and how they melded really played well on the pallet. The tortilla left something to be desired but the rest of the ingredients made up for this downfall. They used the right proportions for everything and you can tell they didn’t try to cut costs on their ingredients.

Rating: 6/10

Use of Potatoes

The Main Street Coffee Shop burrito had a fantastic use of potatoes. The burrito wasn’t saturated with them and really added great flavor to the burrito. You could really tell that they used these potatoes to add to the flavor of the burrito, not cut costs. The Main Street Coffee Shop is a great example of how potatoes could and should be used.

Rating: 6/10


The Green chili smother was good but not fantastic. More work could go into this to give it a little bit more flavor. Thankfully they provided a plethora of green chili and I did enjoy it. With some more work this could be a fantastic smother. After some research we found that this is store bought 505 Green Chili Smother, which, while good, does not make for a better smother than a homemade smothering of goodness.

Rating: +


If you are ever nearby the town of Rangely I highly recommend you stop by and enjoy this gem surrounded by fields of oil.

Overall Score = 26/40 +