Morning Collective

Morning Collective


The 14th of October is a Denver Holiday now. Welcome to Denver’s Breakfast Burrito day! In celebration Francy reviewed a new BB from Morning Collective. This restaurant is a nice little joint that sits on Broadway and Evans. 


This was a nice tortilla. It had been toasted and provided a nice little crunch to the burrito. It had a beautiful wrap with no premature breaks or tears. 

Rating: 8/10


The interior of the burrito was great. The pinto beans with the tots and eggs played well together and built a nice combination of texture and flavor together. The green chili smother added to the texture and contributed perfectly to the texture.

Rating: 8/10


I personally enjoyed the addition to the pinto to beans. It created a nice addition of flavor to the burrito. In addition to this, the cotija cheese was a fabulous flavor that added to the flavor in a stupendous way.  The custom tots were also a benefit to the burrito and contributed positively to the burrito.

Rating: 9/10

Use of Potatoes

The homemade tots were a delicious addition to the burrito. They were used in the perfect quantities and not used to fill empty space. As I said previously, the burrito befitted from their use of potatoes. 

Rating: 9/10


This smother was delicious. It provided a nice heat to the burrito and the flavor was fantastic. This smother was definitely a benefit to the burrito. We tried the green chili smother but if you desire you can get a red chili smother.

Rating: +


With a prime location in South Denver, this place is a fantastic place to grab a Breakfast burrito on a lazy Sunday.

Overall Score = 34/40 +