Francy, being the hip and trendy guy he is, found us our next Denver BB joint, a little more down-town than we usually go. With an overall enticing menu (I wanted to take mine home and read it curled up in bed) the thought did almost cross my mind to order something other than a burrito… but reality settled back in and of course ended up with one of Onefold’s monster BBs. Paired with a Vietnamese coffee at an outdoor table, this was one of the best ways to start off a Saturday. 


Homemade… almost enough said right there. Soft and flavorful, it almost reminded me of a dumpling (a big green-chili-smothered dumpling).

Rating: 10/10


Crispy potatoes tangoed with crunchy bacon who was also having a threesome with fluffy eggs and the aforementioned tortilla.

Rating: 9/10


Walking into the restaurant before breakfast I would not have been able to tell you what Duck-fat Potatoes were, but having eaten this BB now I certainly can… but almost a little too well. These almost gravy-like coated potatoes were a much appreciated kick of salt initially but by half-way through this sucker it was borderline a bit much. Although it paired nicely with a sweet Vietnamese iced coffee I was definitely needing some water afterward. In other flavor news, the green chili was kickass: smokey, thick and delicious.

Rating: 8/10

(Tasteful) Use of Potatoes

Aside from maybe a bit salty as mentioned above, the potatoes were tastefully browned, crispified and cut up into small pieces. They were a bit too prevalent though relative to eggs and bacon so we had do ding ’em slightly.

Rating: 8/10



A dense, hearty behemoth with playful flavors stretching beyond your preconceived BB expectations.  A perfect way to start to a weekend. 

Overall Score = 35/40