Que Bueno Suerte!

Que Bueno Suerte!


Tucked away on a corner in the Pearl Shopping district of south Denver, this little restaurant proves to be a great restaurant to stop by and grab a tasty burrito while your visiting the South Pearl Street farmers market.


The tortilla was rolled nicely and slightly toasted. That being said the ends of the burrito contained too much of the tortilla wrapped up together. It was nice to have the tortilla toasted to a perfect golden brown state. There were no tears or premature breaches and the flavor of the tortilla contributed overall zest of the burrito. 

Rating: 8/10


Fully mixed and combined, the textures within the burrito played nicely together. Occasionally I wold grab a bite with too many potatoes in it but other than that it was very well done.

Rating: 9/10


One of my only complaints with the Suerte Burrito is that the Tomatillo Salsa could be way too over powering. The acidity and tartness of the Salsa distracted from the flavors of the burrito. Everything else about the burrito was amazing except for the occasional large chunk of potatoes. The Chorizo, with the eggs, and black beans all played nicely together and allowed for a savory collection of flavors.

Rating: 7/10

Use of Potatoes

The potatoes were way to clumped together and I would sporadically get a forkful of only potatoes. They could have been cut in smaller sections and mixed throughout the burrito better. Other than that they were tastefully cooked and contained a good flavor unto themselves.

Rating: 6/10


As I previously said the tomatillo salsa could be a bit overpowering when a large chuck of it was eaten with the burrito. It is our feeling that the more smother the better but in this case it needed to be used sparingly. When used in the correct proportions it was a valuable asset to the burrito.

Rating: +


Que Bueno Suerte is definitely worth stopping at if are in the neighborhood and want a tasty breakfast burrito especially if you are there for the farmers market.

Overall Score = 30/40 +