Francy Pantz/5-20-17

Santiago’s has been around for forever and they have a lot of locations around Denver. In high school we used to go to Santiago’s for Breakfast Burritos before class. With the price tag of $2.25 and their size it is a great burrito to grab and go. Now on to the review! 


It’s a good tortilla taste wise but it hasn’t been toasted and it hasn’t been folded well. The ends of the tortilla don’t have folds in the right places and when we opened the burrito there was premature leakage. Flavor wise and texture wise it was pretty good being just a standard flour tortilla.

Rating: 4/10


Everything was mixed together well and the fluffy eggs and internal green chili played together nicely. The potatoes seemed to hold the burrito back on the texture front. You could tell they were out of place and didn’t mix well into the overall texture.

Rating: 7/10


The internal green chili adds an amazing flavor to the burrito. The potatoes could be overwhelming at times which hindered the flavor. We loved the use of green chili inside the burrito though.

Rating: 8/10

Use of Potatoes

As we have said previously the taste of potatoes could be a little too much at times. They were a little under cooked and too frequent throughout the burrito. 

Rating: 6/10



For a quick and easy burrito on the run this is a good option. In and out in 4 minutes with a tasty burrito in hand.

Overall Score = 25/40