On a bristling fall day in Boulder before a CU Buffs game. We had the opportunity to review yet another Breakfast Burrito. Santo is a quaint little brunch spot in Boulder that specializes in New Mexican food. Naturally we had to find out what the Breakfast Burrito was like.


The tortilla was neatly wrapped with tons of flavor. It looked like a normal tortilla but was actually a very tasty flour tortilla. It was very authentic to the New Mexico region and was an essential part to the Burrito.

Rating: 9/10


The textures inside the burrito were fantastic! One thing that really made the texture and flavor standout were the wilted mixed greens inside the burrito. Initially I didn’t think they would work well but after trying it my mind was changed. The beans and scrambled eggs were very well done as well.

Rating: 9/10


As I mentioned previously the mixed greens added incredible flavors to the Burrito. The Pico de Gallo and the peppers were very well done and gave an extraordinary taste to the Burrito. Santo clearly did a fantastic job when combining the ingredients to make a very flavor filled Breakfast Burrito.

Rating: 10/10

Use of Potatoes

The potatoes were done very well and were tastefully sprinkled throughout the burrito. On top of it the potatoes they used were fingerling potatoes. They did not over do it and load the Breakfast Burrito with too many potatoes as filler. It was very well done and we applaud them for their use of fingerling potatoes.

Rating: 9/10


The smother was delicious and played nicely with the rest of the flavors in the Breakfast Burrito. We would have very much enjoyed this as a cup of soup. Santo held true to their New Mexican roots and created an amazing smother for their Breakfast burrito.

Rating: +


A delicious tribute to New Mexican Breakfast Burritos this is a must visit if you are in Boulder.

Overall Score = 37/40 +