On a bright, fall Saturday morning in Denver Colorado, Francy and Brotha got together to review another wondrous burrito. Steuben’s is a wonderful little diner is located in Cap Hill where they offer a plethora of delicious diner foods. We decided to start off the meal with a tasty thing of Gravy Cheese Fries and Chicken Fried Pickles. Now let’s see how this Breakfast Burrito stacks up against the rest.


Totally smothered in green chili the burrito came out looking ready to be eaten. The first bite had a lot to say about the tortilla. It was a simple flour tortilla with a tight wrapping. This tortilla didn’t have anything to set it above and beyond the ordinary burrito. As we kept digging into the burrito the flour tortilla had some wonderful flavors to add to the burrito but with a little crisping the tortilla could easily jump up several points.

Rating: 7/10


One thing that we have always found is that eggs are often overlooked. This burrito had some wonderful fluffy eggs in it and they did not skimp on the quantity of eggs which is something that happens quite frequently as well. The beans in the burrito played a wonderful roll in the textures of the burrito as well.

Rating: 10/10


The flavors were incredible. The eggs played nicely with the sausage and beans to deliver a spectacular flavor to the palate. The green chili played into this as well for sure. The only thing we know is you need to go here to give it a try!

Rating: 10/10

Use of Potatoes

We here at Burritista have never run into this scenario before. There were no potatoes present in this wonderful Breakfast Burrito. upon some contemplation we decided we couldn’t just give it a blanket 10. We decided to take an average of the other three scores and use that for the points in this section. We felt that this was an accurate representation of the overall burrito for the final score.

Rating: 9/10


This was a wonderful smother that added to the overall flavor of the breakfast burrito. It was filled with fantastic flavors and provided a good warmth to the burrito and its flavors.

Rating: +


Steuben’s is definitely worth a visit if you are looking for a good full bodied breakfast burrito in Denver. After a long night in the town this will definitely be a useful hangover cure. We would recommend trying out the Gravy Cheese Fries while you are there!

Overall Score = 36/40 +