Strasburg Espress Burrito

Strasburg Espress Burrito

D-Train (Our Texas Correspondent) – 8/12/17

Strasburg Espress Stop Burrito is a sleepy establishment in the bustling eastern Colorado hamlet of Strasburg. Doubling as a coffee shop and a boutique, the store has the vibe of an eighty year old woman trying to be hip with the times.



Slightly over-microwaved at ends. Gummy in places. Good at holding everything in.

Rating: 4/10


A delightful medley of chopped potatoes, egg, american cheese and 505 green chili. No meat, making the texture a little dull at times. Minimal contrast. 

Rating: 4/10


Mild to medium green chile added decent flavor. 

Rating: 7/10

Use of Potatoes

Good ratio of eggs to potatoes but potato texture was lacking. Seemed boiled. 

Rating: 5/10


Absent (making the heart grow ever fonder)

Rating:  ” – “


This is a burrito that’s “decent in a pinch,” though sadly unsmothered.

Overall Score = 20/40