Yard Bird

Yard Bird


Yard Bird us a quaint little restaurant sitting on South Pearl in Denver. They have a wide assortment of food choices, one of which is breakfast all day. This is fantastic news for us because they serve we can now have Breakfast Burritos for dinner!


This was an absolutely wonderful tortilla! It had clearly been toasted and added a nice crunch to the burrito while still maintaining the flexibility of a tortilla. It was apparent that the chefs put some thought into the tortilla and they did it superbly! 

Rating: 9/10


The texture of this burrito was superb! With fluffy eggs, chorizo spread throughout and incredible smother, the textures blended to to form an excellent experience. The crunch of the hashbrowns were a nice touch as well. 

Rating: 9/10


The flavors present in this burrito were stupendous. The eggs and chorizo blended nicely and the hashbrowns were an excellent addition as well. I must mention the smother on this burrito. This tomatillo smother is one of the best smothers I have ever had on a breakfast burrito. It was very rich in taste and added to the flavor in many ways. Because of this smother I think everyone should make a trip to yard bird to experience this delightful taste.

Rating: 10/10

Use of Potatoes

I was enamored by the hashbrowns they put in this burrito. Spread perfectly throughout, these potatoes, added a great crunch and flavor to the burrito. They didn’t overdo it and put too many potatoes in the burrito which was a relief to see. Burrito joints should use this as an example of how to utilize potatoes.  

Rating: 9/10


As I mentioned earlier, this is one of the best smothers I have ever had. The smother had a full body and is a shining example of how to make a smother. It wasn’t too syrupy and sugary, it contained all the flavors of the chilis it came from and is a shining example of smothers. 

Rating: +


Yard Bird provides an incredible all day breakfast burrito that will make you want more! I cannot recommend this burrito enough!

Overall Score = 37/40 +